Rudder - Servicios marítimos


Our team works on a 24/7 basis to assist in crew transfers, visa procedures, the provision of cash to captains, logistics solutions, the storage of merchandise warehouse in our warehouses, personalised shipments, barge deliveries and many other services.


Rudder provides a rapid response to any emergency situation involving a vessel´s integrity and provides immediate assistance through a full 24-hour repair service.

Comprising a team of mechanics, naval engineers and project managers, our technical department and workshops work together to deal with any issue on board. Steel repairs, engine work, cleaning and painting operations, the installation of anchors and chains, electrical and electronic maintenance, cargo load tests (CLT), hydraulic work and engineering processes in general are just some of the solutions we provide to ensure your ship performs at full capacity.

🔸  Steel/pipe work

🔸  Main and auxiliary engines

🔸  Anchors and chains

🔸  Hydraulics

🔸  Electrical work

Rudder - Servicios medicos


We have our own multi-purpose clinic and Rudder‘s medical personnel guarantee your crew comprehensive health care. We conduct medical examinations, manage hospital admissions, organise visits to the necessary specialists and deal with any urgent need occurring on board; in brief, we take care of your sailors´ health. Furthermore, we are authorised to conduct COVID-19 tests, administer vaccinations and carry out laboratory analyses. Rudder Medical Services cares about your health.

🔸  COVID-19 tests

🔸  On-board emergencies

🔸  Visits to specialists

🔸  Medical examinations

🔸  Hospital admissions

🔸  Vaccinations


Rudder is the best solution for all types of damage. We guarantee that your machinery will be up and running in no time at all, in a profitable, rapid, flexible manner in compliance with all the applicable legal standards and requirements.

We boast experience in all types of cranes; gantry cranes, RTGs (Rubber Tired Gantry), RMGs (Rail Mounted Gantry), straddle carriers, etc.

🔸 Spreaders

🔸 Front lift truck

🔸 Reach staker

🔸 Bulk grabs

🔸 Forklift

🔸 Hoppers

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